Public-sector organizations should use disruptive change to their advantage. CIOs can lead transformation with a combination of vision, communication and persistence.


A Compelling Vision

Formulate a vision of how technology will achieve a desired future state of the business. This vision will ideally engage executive leadership so they can affirm or revise the strategic direction for IT. Thus the enterprise vision will be shared and no longer solely owned by the CIO.


Create a One-Page Strategy

Everyone on the same page. Human-centered storyline. Stays on message. Expressed in business language. Simple.  Three columns: Status quo, first steps, and vision of future state. See an example here.


Recommended Actions

Constantly share your vision. Starting meetings, in conversation etc. Check-in with employees to ensure vision is consistently socialized, understood. Constantly share the “why” of changing.


The Journey Needs Everyone

Acknowledge and recognize the value of previous contributions. There were prior visions! Always consider the ever-persistent WIIFM question.