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Take Small Steps Toward Smart City…

Cities can focus on proven, mature technologies like video surveillance to smarten up their streets! Cities have long looked to video surveillance for crime deterrence and public safety. However, today’s video systems offer advanced smart capabilities as well. The cameras themselves have evolved to become intelligent computing devices, due to video analytics, integration with other

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Self-Driving Cars: Sooner is Better

Last year an estimated 40,100 Americans died in traffic accidents, and human error causes more than 90 percent of crashes. Motor vehicles now contribute to 75 percent of carbon monoxide pollution. And commuters in more than 100 U.S. cities now spend more than 40 hours annually stuck in traffic on average. If autonomous vehicles can

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Mobile Network Policy – Key to Smart City

Wireless projects are increasing in complexity and diversity. City CIOs need a plan to achieve smart city goals while controlling costs. Act Now to Avoid a Bottom-Up Approach Multiple cellular operators want permits for ugly radio installations; fixed line operators what to dig up streets; internal projects for smart cities can be uncoordinated with digital

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