Great CIOs are trusted allies, seen as enterprise wide business leaders outside the boundaries of the IT organization.

It’s critical to build our reputation on the value we deliver to constituents, and we should be involved in the execution of our organization’s mission and strategy.

As such, we are subject to relevant business metrics rather than the traditional IT metrics. We measure our personal results based on value to the business units/departments/agencies we support.

We have a “values first” mentality. Our personal values are aligned with the organization values. (If that is not the case, it may be time for a gut-check. What is out of whack? Has the organization changed direction?)

As CIOs we focus on innovation from a business perspective and not from a technology perspective alone. We carefully choose business problems to save first, then seek adequate technologies to experiment with — not the other way around. Our focus is on the people we choose first as opposed to only selecting and prioritizing innovations.