Recognized as a trusted partner by stakeholders across the organization— including executive leadership, peers across business units, direct and indirect reports. Counted on to really understand the challenges people face—and to provide solutions that not only contain costs, but also add value by streamlining processes and make the lives of users easier and more productive. Communicates clearly, moving seamlessly between business and technical language, serves as a critical bridge of communication to avoid the silos and disconnects that can too often hamper collaboration. 

County of Monterey | Salinas, CA   2019 – Present
County government with 120 departments/agencies, 5,000 staff – 35 managed staff, 10 direct reports

  • Hired 30% of team, bringing positive culture shift and improved service levels.
  • Reduced procurement wait time by 300% by redefining processes, handoffs and responsibilities.
  • Introduced cross-functional teams with agile workflow, injecting speed and enthusiasm into projects.
  • Developed and enforced team operating guidelines.

City of Ventura | Ventura, CA   2016 – 2019
Municipal government with 750 staff – 20 managed staff, 6 direct reports

  • Implemented IT governance, providing immediate support for a critical decision in the first week!
  • Established project management office that successfully managed 4 enterprise projects, overcoming significant resistance and gaining support from primary departments.
  •  With a customer-first, “find a way to say yes” approach, reversed reputation and encouraged department collaboration.
  • Addressed staff performance directly, improving team dynamics.

“This is the best team we’ve had since I’ve been here (8 years)” – Application Manager, Kevin Cook

City of Haltom City | Haltom City, TX   2014 – 2016
Municipal government with 450 staff – 6 direct reports

  • Audited Telecom budget, obtained $60,000 refund and annual savings of $25,000. Used funds to upgrade Internet connection and entire phone system to 100% VoIP for additional $18,000 savings.
  • Successful Office 365 migration and staff training eliminated compatibility issues, improved efficiency, mobility and resiliency of workforce.
  • Addressed staff performance and filled resulting vacancy with high-quality team member.

Landmark Structures | Fort Worth, TX   Jan – Jun 2014
International construction company with 350 staff – 4 direct reports

  • Implemented service desk standards, processes and customer focus
  • Designed and recommended disaster recovery solution for operational resilience.
  • Shared major restructuring recommendations with senior management.

City of San Luis Obispo | San Luis Obispo, CA   2008 – 2013
Municipal government with 650 staff – 2 managed staff

  • Quickly established outstanding customer service model for public safety departments.
  • Successful project manager for enterprise projects, on time, in budget: Network Refresh, CAD System Upgrade, Fire Station Alerting System, and Council Chambers Broadcast System Upgrade.
  • Designed and implemented Active Directory redesign, reducing complexity and improving security.

Port of Bellingham | Bellingham, WA   2000 – 2008
Port District with 250 staff – 2 managed staff

  • Upgraded directory and mail system with zero impact to business or supported agencies.
  • Designed and implemented comprehensive backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity plan, establishing RTO and RPO metrics.
  • Connected all seven organization sites via 1GB fiber links, providing site redundancy and income-generating services.

Dealer Information Systems | Bellingham, WA   1998 – 2000
Municipal government with 1750 staff – 20 managed staff, 6 direct reports

  • Streamlined department efficiency by 300%, reducing errors and rework, increasing capacity without adding staff.
  • Tested new technologies for expanding service to existing clients and increase revenue.