Team Leadership

Leading and developing people should be a managers number one job. Most people know what to do and how to do it. A leader’s job is to tell them why. To paraphrase Simon Sinek, why we do the work we do should be defined, communicated, and over-communicated first, middle, and last. I believe a leader must do three things to develop a high-performing team: gain the team’s trust, show them a clear path, and carry water, that is clear roadblocks and support the mission.

Operational Excellence

More than just a buzzword, operational excellence has been described as the point when each employee or member of the organization can see the flow of value to the customer or end user, and that each employee is also able to fix that flow before it breaks down.


Collaboration between teams or across departments requires trust. Trust is not a binary attribute; it exists in a continuous spectrum between “no trust” and “absolute trust.”


Digital transformation is difficult in government and the public sector when business models are inflexible and not easily disrupted. A better approach is delivering solutions that optimize government services.