I’m Tim Cool

Recognized as a trusted partner by stakeholders across the organization— including executive leadership, peers across business units, direct and indirect reports. Counted on to really understand the challenges people face—and to provide solutions that not only contain costs, but also add value by streamlining processes and make the lives of users easier and more productive. Communicates clearly, moving seamlessly between business and technical language, serves as a critical bridge of communication to avoid the silos and disconnects that can too often hamper collaboration. 

I have the well-rounded, mature skills and competences needed to succeed as a government CIO

Government CIOs face unique environmental challenges: financial austerity, inexorably advancing citizen expectations, cost center views of IT, and scarce digital leadership. At the same time, the opportunity has never been greater for government CIOs to step up efforts to deliver better citizen services and help their organizations make the journey through digitalization to become a world-class digital government. I'm on a never-ending journey to improve my capabilities as a leader.

High EQ

As organizational leaders, CIOs should develop emotional  intelligence (EI, ESI or EQ) capabilities as our main priority for personal development.…

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Great CIOs are trusted allies, seen as enterprise wide business leaders outside the boundaries of the IT organization. It’s critical…

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Great CIOs apply the visionary or coaching leadership style, and they are capable of inspiring, developing and motivating people to…

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